MAKIS Collection



The first music I ever released and naturally I hold dear to my heart. Not for the melodies, the instrumentation or the production necessarily. Not that there aren't some good stuff here that excites me to this day; but these were the years where the feedback I was getting was the likes of "There's nothing terribly wrong about your music, it just needs some better production" or "Your songs are too phat!".

Maybe there's some truth there, maybe they were just some salty ass bitches :)

Most of all, I have fond memories of experimenting long nights while in uni (and yes, neglecting my studies); I just felt this study of sound mixing and electronic music composition to be by far more intriguing than what I was "supposed" to be doing.

Track list

  1. Psycho Circus

  2. Godian

  3. B-Bomb

  4. Having Fun

  5. Iguana Taste

  6. H.I.T.E

  7. Rectangular Sea

  8. Stardust is 👁👁👁

  9. Lullaby

  10. Interstellar Wind

  11. No Ground

  12. Suicide

  13. SOUL

  14. Variety