MAKIS Collection



The first music I ever released and naturally I hold dear to my heart. Not for the melodies, the instrumentation or the production necessarily. Not that there aren't some good stuff here that excites me to this day; but these were the years where the feedback I was getting was the likes of "There's nothing terribly wrong about your music, it just needs some better production" or "Your songs are too... read more

Robot Archives

Describing a sci-fi reality where robots have replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth... This concept album features a nice mix of soundscapes and compositions with a palpable tension. The work is the result of a three party collaboration effort, along with music producer TIA and DJ SirRound. read more

ΦΟΙΝΙΞ (Phoenix)

A diverse collection of great Hellenic urban folk tunes, produced as contemporary electronic music. Appropriately released on OXI day read more

Down Under

A look back at fine music from Australian artists through a contemporary lens. This compilation was the result of a trip around Australia for the better part of 6 months... Collaborating with a group of talented Australian performers was instrumental to help realize this. Upon its release I wrote a few words on each individual track, you can read here read more

Otaku EP

スーパーミュージックの楽しい時間 read more